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AZA FreeBangle single line(Black×Black)

  • Item # : b007
  • 1999in stock (The item will be delivered at next day)
  • Description

    The hematite Swarovski shines brightly on the solid black body, giving it a chic and bold look.
    This item was prodcucted with special processing and can be freely adjusted to your desired size.
    Because it's a free size, it's ideal as a gift.

    ・Main body : Black
    ・Swarovski : Jet Hema


    - Brass
    - Rhodium coated


    ・Inner circumference 123 mm,
    Gap inner circumference 24 mm,
    Inner circumference total 147 mm

    【About bangle size adjustment】
    You can bend the bangle slowly by hand to adjust it to your preferred size.
    Be sure to bend slowly when adjusting the size to prevent metal fatigue of the product.
    It is made by special processing so that stones and plating will not peel off when bent, but please handle with care.
    Please note that damage to the product due to excessive adjustment or other problems related to it may void the warranty.

    【Handling and precautions regarding our products】
    - Since the metal fittings used in the product are plated, they may discolor due to water, sweat or heat.
    - The product may be damaged by excessive heat or cold at places such as bathing water or sauna, so please handle with care.
    - Be careful when handling it, as strong impacts may cause debris, deformation, and damage.
    - Gently wipe it off with a soft cloth and store it to keep it in good condition.

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