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AZA Necklace(Silver×Aurora)9mm

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      メンズ レディス


  • Description

    A Swarovski crystal necklace, a signature product of AZA.
    By using a special technology, the Swarovski crystal is finished in a loop shape, and by using plenty of Swarovski crystals, it gives off a brilliance comparable to a diamond and a glitter that cannot be produced by other accessories.
    By selecting the desired thickness, you can use it with your desired size regardless of gender.

    Body Color:Silver
    Swarovski Color:Aurora

    Mens:Total Length 46cm / Inner circumference 44cm / String width 9mm
    Ladies:Total Length 38cm / Inner circumference 36cm / String width 9mm

    Bracket part: Magnet type. Please refer to the length of the inner circumference for size.
    Please note that there may be some errors in the product size notation.
    * It may take up to 5 business days for shipping.
    * Customers who are in a hurry with gifts etc. should contact us in advance for delivery dates.
    * For a fee, it is possible to extend the length of the string in 1cm increments, so please consult us.

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