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AZA FlatRing double line(Black×Crystal)

  • Item # : r004
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  • Description

    Two fine stones and a flat ring with a profound feeling will make your fingertip gorgeous.

    ・Main Body : Black
    ・Swarovski : Crystal


    ・Silver 925 (SILVER 925)
    ・Rhodium coated plating

    [Size & Weight]
    No. 5 → 1.9 g
    No. 8 → 2.2 g
    No. 10 → 2.4g
    No. 12 → 2.6 g
    No. 14 → 2.8 g
    No. 16 → 3.0 g
    No. 18 → 3.2g

    [Handling and precautions regarding in-house products]
    - Since the metal fittings used in the product are plated, they may discolor due to water, sweat or heat.
    - Please be careful when handling the product, as it may be damaged by excessive heat or cold at places such as bathing water or sauna.
    - Be careful when handling as strong impact may cause stone removal, deformation and damage.
    - For maintenance, gently wipe it off with a soft cloth and store it in a better condition to keep it clean.

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