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Ring 2line -3color

ring-01 new
  • Item # : ring-01
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      Gold×Crysta Black×Crystal Silver×Crystal
    5号(US 3.5)
    8号(US 4.5)
    10号(US 5.5)
    12号(US 6.5)
    14号(US 7.5)
    16号(US 8)
    18号(US 9)
    20号(US 10)


  • Description

    A flat ring with two lines of Swarovski that gives off a strong presence on a silver body.
    The thick body has an eye-catching and profound design that makes your fingertips gorgeous.

    [About order]
    -The price does not include tax. Consumption tax will be charged separately.
    -When ordering, please select the desired color and size.
    * It may take up to 5 business days to ship.
    * If you are in a hurry with a gift, etc., please contact us in advance for the delivery date.

    [Size / Weight]
    -US 3.5, 3.55g
    -US 4.5, 3.7g
    -US 5.5, 3.8g
    -US 6.5, 3.9g
    -US 7.5, 4.0g
    -US 8, 4.1g
    -US 9, 4.2g
    -US 10, 4.3g

    [Product details]
    -Body material: Brass, Rhodium coated plating

    [Handling and precautions regarding our products]
    -Please note that there may be some errors in the size notation of the product.
    -Since the metal fittings used in the product are plated, they may discolor due to water, sweat, or heat.
    -The product may be damaged due to excessively high or low temperatures such as in a water place such as a bath or in a sauna.
    -A strong impact may cause stone removal, deformation, or damage. In addition, it is made by special processing to prevent stone peeling and plating peeling when bent, but please handle it with care.
    -Long-term use will lead to product deterioration. Please remove it when you go to bed and keep it.
    -When you observe any abnormalities on your skin, please stop using the product.
    -AZA GLOBAL Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any injuries caused by using the product or damage caused by contact with other products.

    [About repair]
    -Within the purchase warranty period, we accepted repair product free of charge. Please contact us from the inquiry form. If it is outside the purchase compensation period, we will repair it for a fee only if there is a warranty card.

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